Scams around the world

This page will give you a brief run down of scams to look out for around the world!

Ibiza, Spain-

do not leave your belongings on the beach unattended! They will go missing!

Eastern Europe-

always negotiate the taxi cab price of where you are going with the driver before getting in the car. Agree upon a set price and then get in. Never get into a taxi cab with a meter as they will run fast and you will over pay.

If you go to a strip club or gentleman’s club in Eastern Europe, always ask to see the price of your drinks before ordering via menu. Including if you will buy a lady a drink. Keep the menu with you or take a picture of it before they take it away as they may tell you a single drink was anywhere from a hundred dollars to even thousands of dollars and when you refuse to pay, they will send fake police in to intimidate you into paying it. But be careful, even though these may be fake policemen they are actually gang members.


Over priced street vendors, always haggle them down. The one exception is the island of Koh Tao. It is illegal to barter there and the locals will become extremely irate when you try. So just dont.

A tell all tale of Nicks wild adventures around the globe in no particular order with the odd recommendation!

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