Story’s, blogs and all posts on this page, for legal reasons, may or may not be true. Some names are real and others are created. All story’s, blogs and posts are based on true events. In no way does this site promote illegal activities or use of illicit drugs. When travelling to foreign countries, it is your sole responsibility to research local laws and culture before visiting them.

When you travel to a foreign country, treat the land and their culture as if the local people have personally invited you into their home to join their family for a nice dinner. Show respect and proper manors even when intoxicated or be prepared to face severe consequences from the local authorities or even the local peoples themselves. And remember, your homeland government will most likely not be able to intervene on your behalf if such a case arises.

You release the rights to any posts, comments, pictures, etc in which you share on this site.

A tell all tale of Nicks wild adventures around the globe in no particular order with the odd recommendation!

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