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Copenhagen, Denmark – Dont be Copenhatin!

Welcome to Copenhagen

My first Scandinavian country. I had flown in from St Petersburg Russia and was going to go on a Scandinavian tour. I had expected all Scandinavian countries to be the same but I was definitely wrong. Copenhagen was my first taste of a Scandinavian country and I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the people were as soon as I landed at the airport I was bombarded with people saying hello to me and asking where I was from. What I was not pleasantly surprised about was the price. I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel which was realistically only a five minute drive away and it ended up costing me approximately 40 euros. But now i was at my hotel and I could take the metro and buses anywhere else I wanted in the city.

Day number one I took the Metro to downtown Copenhagen in search of the street food market. Stopping at Pub to Pub along the way getting a little day Buzz going the beers were approximately no cheaper than 10 Euros each. I walked along the pier and went down to Nyhavn Street and got the famous selfie along the water with the multi colored buildings in the background. And also seen the famous author, Hans Christian Anderson’s house. Continue to along the wharf seen the Opera House and then went to the Star shaped Fortress and walked around it. Then went over to the Raging Bulls fountain got a picture with it and then continued to walk the entire downtown core as I do with any City when I first arrived to get a feel for it and the people. I finally found the street food market and it was glorious. A cornucopia of different small restaurants and vendors where you grab a small dish at any one you prefer or any amount of them that you prefer and you go take your plates outside to the sitting area where you can eat and drink and socialize with all the patrons. My recommendation to you would be to grab a bottle of wine at the grocery store or liquor store before heading to the street food market considering a glass of wine was 11 to 13 euros each and drinking in public in Denmark is perfectly legal and acceptable. There were lots of people there with bottles of wine sitting and socializing having a glass and just hanging out. Walking by the parks there are many many young adults sitting having beers, playing hacky sack, throwing frisbees and having a good time.

Copenhagen is a city that loves its gays. Gay pride banners and flags were flying proudly and widely all over the city. Rainbow colored cross walks around the famous walking street in Copenhagen are a must-see. A vast array of shops and pubs on walking Street will be enough to fulfill the needs of any migrant tourist.

I recommend you go see the hippie Village down in Freetown Christiania.  Where there is a wide variety of little multicolored shanties and friendly hipsters where they openly sell marijuana but it is forbidden to take pictures, so do not pull out your camera because many of the hippies actually live there and it would be like people standing on the street taking photographs of your house while you look out your front window.

Overall Copenhagen is very expensive, where an average dinner will cost you 70 euros. Part of the price is due to all food in the city is organic unless you are told or it is labelled otherwise. You can just go to the grocery store for snacks and sandwiches to save yourself some money and then go for a nice fancy dinner once a night. The people in Copenhagen are very friendly there’s lots of Migrant workers all drinking beers after work smoking joints and just being friendly. You can talk to anybody on the street and everybody will politely obliged you in conversation.

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Nature/Landscape – 7/10
  • Food                               – 8/10 (very good)
  • Price                               – $$$$
  • Alcohol Price             – $$$$
  • Locals                             – Super friendly and all spoke English