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Hey everyone! My Name is Nicholas Hogg, it’s nice to meet you. I work on Oil Rigs and I travel a lot and love exploring new countries. I’ve currently been to 49 thus far and my objective in creating this website is to tell you my wild and sometimes tame, travel story’s. I hope to give you advice on places worth going to and let you know about over hyped places not worth the price tag! Also I hope to give you best advice possible on where to hang out in certain city’s and what areas are best for night so that you can book your hotels accordingly. Along with the occasional recommendation of Restaurants, food and drinks!

I have made many international friends along my adventures and I encourage everyone to go travel as often and as far away from your homeland as possible. I hope to inspire you to go travel even if it means you have to go all by yourself. I often travel alone and have learned to love it as the best way of travelling. Sure having friends with you is great, but when you are by yourself you are far more likely to start talking to random people and thus making new lifelong international friends along the way. And we all know how flaky your homeland friends can be! Sure they say they want to go travel with you and even make plans, but then more often than not they will flake out, last minute, and you’ll be stuck with a hard decision of going all by yourself to a far off scary and intimidating land or cancelling the trip and losing out on hundreds if not thousands of your hard earned dollars.

Travelling alone can be, in my opinion, the best way possible to learn about yourself. You will find when you dive yourself headfirst into a foreign land that it is overwhelmingly scary your first time around. But you’ll find out rather quickly that you are far more capable than you ever thought you would be! you’ll start to enjoy and crave that feeling of fear and nervousness like its the best drug possible. It builds the best kind of confidence in yourself and you’ll make a lot of great new friends doing it.

“Without human connection we are lost, so go travel by yourself and get yourself lost. Adapt, intermingle and play the game of learning to reconnect with humans from the other side of the world.” ~ A Wise Human!

Hope you enjoy my site and please comment lots. 🙂

A tell all tale of Nicks wild adventures around the globe in no particular order with the odd recommendation!

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